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Thomas House Family Shelter has been providing shelter and supportive services to homeless families in Orange County for 32 years. Our current shelter site supports 30 - 35 families a year, but we now have the opportunity to grow by purchasing an 8-unit apartment building on the same street as our current site.

With this expansion, we are estimating that we will be able to serve 8 to 10 additional homeless families each year. To date, we have received support from many generous donors and corporate partners, but we still need to raise $100,000 by Thursday, May 24 to secure the property.

We need your help to expand our reach and serve more homeless families each year. Please make a donation today to save lives and build futures for homeless families in Orange County!

What is the current capacity at Thomas House Family Shelter?

Our current shelter site includes two 8-unit apartment building that allows us to provide for 16 families at a time, or 30 – 35 families per year depending on their length of stay. The average length of stay per family is between 6 – 12 months.

What is your goal with this potential property?

Over the past few years, we have seen the number of homeless families in our community increase, and the issues that they are facing become more complex. Thomas House would like to be responsive to these changing dynamics and has prioritized expansion as a means to do so. Our goal for this project is to increase the number of homeless families served each year and/or to allow for extended stays for families with more significant barriers to self-sufficiency.

Where is the potential property located?

It is located directly on the same street as our existing facility.

How many units does the potential property have?

The potential property has a total of eight (8) units, and is the same model as one of our current buildings. This would equal a total of 24 available units at Thomas House, which we estimate would be able to serve 40 Р45 families a year.

How will potential families be determined for this new property?

All families will be evaluated based on our existing criteria for acceptance into the program (family unit, homeless status, work eligibility, etc.) and will have the same expectations for program participation (full-time employment and/or job training and education program, commitment to savings and debt reduction, case management, parenting and life skills classes and counseling services.)

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you are interested in contributing to our efforts to acquire the new property or have any additional questions, contact Natalie Julien, Executive Director, at [email protected] or (714) 554-0357.

Help Build Futures at Thomas House

Your contribution helps Thomas House Family Shelter take a step towards ending homelessness by providing long-term solutions for homeless families, like Sandra's, throughout Orange County.